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A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can help individuals to change how they think. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a talking therapy that helps individuals manage their problems. At Atlanta Detox Center, our addiction treatment therapies can treat a variety of physical and mental health problems. However, it is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends CBT as the primary treatment for depression. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program in GA can help you overcome the problems without the need for psychiatric medication. Sometimes a combination of CBT and medication may be the only solution for your problems. Atlanta Detox Center is here to provide you with these programs so you can overcome mental health disorders as well as addiction.

How the Therapy Works

woman in a cognitive-behavioral therapy program gaA cognitive-behavioral therapy program uses the concept of interconnectedness. It supposes that a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. Therefore, when negative thoughts dominate the mind, a person risks falling into a vicious cycle.

On the other hand, if positive thoughts dominate, a person’s mental well-being improves. This is the angle through which CBT approaches mental problems. The therapist encourages the patient to break down the problems into smaller parts. This allows the patient to deal with the problem in a positive way because the overwhelming effect is manageable when you split your troubles into smaller focus areas.

In a cognitive behavioral therapy program, you will focus on your current problems. The therapy does not dwell too much on issues from the past. It aims at changing your cycle of thought on a daily basis to improve your state of mind.

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can last from 5 to 20 sessions. Each session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. In these sessions, a therapist will help you to separate your problems into smaller areas of focus. They then analyze these areas to determine the effect it has on you. From the analysis, the therapist will suggest changes to the patient’s behavior that will help in eliminating unhelpful thoughts.

Benefits of a Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program in GA

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can treat some mental illnesses. For some people, therapy alone might work. In others, they might need a combination of medicine and therapy to treat the illness. Some of the advantages you can derive from cognitive-behavioral therapy include:

  • Equipping you with practical and useful strategies to improve your coping skills. You can still use these skills even after you finish the program.
  • Faster recovery than other forms of therapy.
  • Flexibility because treatment is well structured. A variety of formats such as group therapies or self-help books are available. The patient has the freedom to choose which format suits them best.

Additionally, in cases where medication fails to treat the mental illness completely, using cognitive-behavioral therapy can help boost the recovery process.

Join a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program at Atlanta Detox Center

Our residential addiction treatment program offers quality CBT programs for the good of our patients. Our treatment plans include:

  • Group therapy: This approach entails using a community of people with the same issues in the facility. The goal of this approach is to motivate bonding among patients by talking to each other about their problems.
  • Motivational interviewing: Therapists encourage patients to talk about the steps they can make towards positive behavioral change. Since the patient generates their own steps, it is easier for them to implement them.
  • Trauma focus: The patient talks to the therapist about the traumatic event. Discussion helps to cope with the trauma.
  • Aftercare: In this approach, our Atlanta Detox Center staff will follow-up with the patient after the treatment. It helps to actually change their behavior so that it is in line with their proposals.

Enroll in a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program Today

When you talk about your troubles, you unburden yourself. There is no need to let problems strain how you relate with your family and friends. Contact Atlanta Detox Center at 833.631.0534 today so you can begin your journey to recovery.