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Individual therapy is a form of psychotherapy between a therapist and a patient. People enroll in an individual therapy program for many reasons. Individual therapy offers a high degree of privacy. In most cases, people who enroll in individual therapy suffer from mental disorders. This is understandable since statistically speaking, 1 out of 5 individuals suffer from a mental disorder. However, you do not have to suffer from mental disorders to get into an individual therapy program. Other situations may also require that you join such a program, and Atlanta Detox Center is here to help you find the right program that works for you.

The Best Time to Join an Individual Therapy Program

patient in an individual therapy programYour daily routine may face disruption if you experience a stressful event in your life. Such events may include the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or even the withdrawal effects. These events can cause extreme or severe distress to a person. Distress can come in the form of negative thoughts or behaviors. In other cases, the distress may come in the form of bodily sensations like fatigue.

It is best not to allow these symptoms to progress before you check yourself into a treatment facility. Once you begin to notice the symptoms, confirm with a doctor through a diagnosis if you might need to get psychotherapy help.

Other signs that indicate the need for addiction treatment therapy include:

  • Constantly difficulty in maintaining your focus on school or work assignments
  • Dealing with addiction problems
  • An urge to hurt yourself. This is especially after you went through a traumatic phase in your life
  • Frequently overwhelmed with hopelessness and unhappiness

Which Issues Does Individual Therapy Solve?

This form of therapy can help you to overcome any obstacle in any area of your life. But some of these challenges are common than others. A few examples include:


This is a problem that all of us have dealt with at one point or another. Most of the times we overcome this feeling. Sometimes it can overwhelm us and change our perception of life. It makes a person gloomy with tendencies to self-isolate. Talking to a qualified therapist about the stressful issues can help you to lift this burden from your heart.


The culture of your community dictates what is acceptable as our sexuality. Individuals who do not fit into this description may feel as though they are outcasts. People from such a community with different sexualities may, therefore, suppress their feelings. In time, the suppression takes a toll on their mental health. Individual therapists can help you navigate this difficult path.

Family Problems

Our imperfect families can at times drive some members into a mental crisis. Especially when the family setting does not embrace communication as a way of dealing with their troubles. An individual therapy program will bridge this gap to help you rebuild your relationships.

Approaches to Individual Therapy at Atlanta Detox Center

Different treatment plans are available within our residential treatment program in GA.

They include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This treatment modality helps the patient to understand how thoughts, emotions, and behavior interrelate. By helping the patient to understand this interplay, our facility puts them in a better position to be self-aware of themselves.
  • Trauma focus: In this plan, the patient talks about the traumas that they are facing freely. This helps them to pinpoint what triggers the trauma. From there, they can find ways of improving their coping skills.
  • Expressive therapy: This is a modality that helps the patients communicate their emotions freely through art.
  • Aftercare: The aftercare allows our Atlanta Detox Center staff to monitor the progress of the patient post-treatment to ensure a full recovery.

Join an Individual Therapy Program Today

Do not let your burdens and sorrows block you from enjoying a fruitful life. Obstacles are part of our lives and when they overwhelm us, we have to push through. Visit our alcohol addiction treatment program center or contact Atlanta Detox Center at 833.631.0534 and we will help you transform your life.