a group looks for the right heroin detox

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Heroin Detox Center

Choosing heroin detox is the right decision for many people who are battling heroin addiction. There is a heroin epidemic in this country because heroin is highly addictive. However, heroin addiction carries numerous risks with continued use, including overdose and death. Addiction to heroin doesn’t improve without professional treatment for most people. That’s why you…

a woman struggles with polysubstance abuse

Do I Struggle with Polysubstance Abuse?

Many people with addiction use just one drug or one type of drug. Sometimes, however, polysubstance abuse can occur. Polysubstance abuse occurs when a person uses more than one substance at the same time. There are situations where this can happen innocently, such as forgetting about taking a prescription and having a drink. Yet, for…

a woman helps a friend with stress awareness

How Can Stress Awareness Benefit Your Recovery?

Stress Awareness Month is the ideal time to think about your own stress management skills. Every April since 1992, this month has been dedicated to bringing awareness to stress and the development of coping mechanisms. Stress is a part of life for many people. Yet, it is often a compounding factor of complications for those…

how to start an adderall cleanse

How to Start an Adderall Cleanse

Doctors often prescribe Adderall for patients with sleep disorders or ADHD. If you take more than the prescribed dose or take Adderall without a prescription, you will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking them. Fortunately, the physical effects of Adderall withdrawal aren’t usually life-threatening. However, you may feel deeply depressed, so we…

do you need meth treatment

Do You Need Meth Treatment?

Methamphetamines were developed for use in bronchial inhalers and nasal decongestants. These drugs have a number of positive side effects that have unfortunately triggered widespread misuse. If you believe that you have a problem controlling your use of methamphetamines, it may be time to consider meth addiction treatment at Atlanta Detox Center in Atlanta, Georgia.…