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How Opiates Affect Your Body Physically

America is currently experiencing an opiate crisis. Originally derived from opium, natural opiates like morphine and heroin are euphoric painkillers. Today, synthetic opiates, known as opioids, have the same effect and are prevalent across the country. Both drugs are highly addictive, and many people may take an opioid, like OxyContin, and switch to heroin because…

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3 Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Mental health is crucial to overall health. Today, people from all walks of life struggle with mental health. Many have trouble changing negative thoughts, managing emotions, and avoiding addiction triggers. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the leading type of therapy to relieve depression, change negative thought patterns, and help rebuild relationships. If you or someone in your…

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Heroin Overdose Facts

An overdose signals an alarming level of drug toxicity in the body to the point where it overwhelms a person’s ability to function. In recent years, heroin overdose has become a massive problem in Georgia and the rest of the country. To prevent and handle such situations, it is crucial to know heroin overdose facts…


Can CBT Help My Negative Thoughts?

Today, more and more people across the country struggle with mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental health disorders are increasingly common. Unfortunately, many people self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to cope with depression and other mental illnesses. They may also struggle to ask for help, articulate their needs, and seek treatment.…

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Drug Overdose Symptoms

The toll of the nation’s drug epidemic is staggering, both in lives lost and in lives shattered. Substance abuse, particularly tied to opioids, remains a pressing public health emergency, despite a lot of concerted effort to stop it. Not every overdose situation will look the same. But being able to spot the trouble signs is…

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How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last?

Many of those struggling with heroin use disorders and who want to quit often keep asking: How long does heroin withdrawal last? Heroin abuse is a huge problem worldwide, and the US has its fair share of the problem. Hundreds of Americans die daily after overdosing on opioids, including prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and heroin. Heroin…

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Heroin Overdose Symptoms

Heroin abuse continues to cause pain and misery for thousands each year. This powerfully addictive drug can send your life into a tailspin, putting you at grave risk of death from overdose. Given the extent of the heroin epidemic in this country, gaining knowledge about heroin overdose symptoms is a wise move. Recognizing the symptoms…


How to Make a New Year’s Resolution in Recovery

The start of the year brings about reflection for many people. You may be inspired to think about what happened to you over the past year and to consider the changes you’ve made in your life. As we creep towards the new year, you may also be looking for a resolution in recovery. If you…

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When Painkiller Use Turns into Addiction

Addiction to prescription painkillers has become an epidemic in the United States. Today, many are prescribed painkillers after elective surgery, oral surgery, or to ease chronic pain. Various drugs in the opioid class block pain receptors in the brain. This can cause pain relief, emotional numbing, and make them highly addictive. When a person regularly…