a bottle of pills represents prescription drug addiction

Does Prescription Drug Addiction Require Detox to Overcome?

Detox is the first stage of most prescription drug addiction treatment programs, but how important is it? It’s a fair question for anyone considering prescription drug treatment to ask. Prescription drug addiction treatment at Atlanta Detox Center is just one of the options people have for their recovery journeys. If you or someone you care…

a woman contemplates opiate addiction treatment

Breaking the Cycle of Opiate Addiction

Drug use can be recreational or therapeutic. Addiction, however, is a cycle, especially when it comes to opiate use. That cycle can lead to chronic relapse unless you break it. An opiate addiction treatment program will not only help stop drug use but, hopefully, will break the cycle that puts recovery at risk. Our Atlanta…

a pair talks about addiction treatment therapies

Different Therapies Used to Treat Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease, so it makes sense that there are different approaches to treating it. Addiction treatment therapies can range from behavioral counseling to detox to relapse prevention, depending on your choice of drug and alcohol treatment center. At Atlanta Detox Center, our range of addiction treatment therapies is crucial to the recovery…

a man participates in his group therapy program

How Group Therapy Can Keep Your Recovery on Track

Group therapy is just one tool people use to support their recovery, but it’s an effective one. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, a group therapy program puts you with others who understand the challenges you might face as you go through addiction treatment. Our group therapy program at Atlanta…

a woman convinces her loved one into heroin addiction treatment

Helping a Loved One Through Heroin Addiction

It is easy to feel helpless when someone you love has a heroin addiction. Opioids like heroin are highly addictive, and recovery is challenging. Although this person will need a heroin addiction treatment program, there are still ways the people who love them can help. It starts with educating yourself about heroin addiction treatment. The…

a woman experiences the physical effects of medical detox

Physical Effects of Medical Detox on Your Body

People sometimes misunderstand the need for medical care to treat substance abuse. Addiction is a chronic illness that affects the brain, nervous system, and vital organs. It requires medical intervention, just like any chronic disease. The first stage is treatment at a medical detox center. The medical detox center at Atlanta Detox Center provides comprehensive treatment for…

a person is happy to celebrate after they detox from alcohol

Celebrating Fourth of July When You’re Detoxing from Alcohol

The Fourth of July is a celebration full of barbecues, fireworks, and, for many, alcohol. Beer, wine, and hard liquor are often part of the party. What should you do if you are detoxing from alcohol during this national holiday? Can you celebrate and still detox from alcohol? Or, do you need to go to…

a woman finds success in her addiction treatment program

How to Have Success in an Addiction Treatment Program

The first step towards your success in substance abuse treatment programs is just choosing to go. Understanding that they offer the best hope of recovery is critical. At Atlanta Detox Center, our substance abuse treatment programs set people up for genuine, long-term recovery. If you or a loved one may benefit from an addiction treatment…

family therapy is a great way to mend family relationships

How Family Therapy Can Mend Relationships

Addiction is a serious issue that impacts not only the individual suffering from addiction but also their family members, friends, and colleagues. This is one of the reasons why developing a substance abuse, or addiction issue can be so devastating. There is a lot of collateral damage to loved ones. Therefore, when developing a complete…