people talking about codependency

What Is Codependency?

Doctors initially used the term codependency to describe an individual in a relationship with a substance use disorder victim. However, the term now incorporates a wide range of dependent behaviors, including physical, social, and emotional. According to statistics, tens of millions of women in America have the condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of this…

woman at a cocaine detox program

What Does The Cocaine Detox Timeline Look Like?

Cocaine use disorder is a severe problem that causes several long-term physical and psychological effects. Despite the obvious consequences, millions of people in the US continue using cocaine and other opioids. Fortunately, a cocaine detox program can help you quit and restore your life for a drug-free future. Atlanta Detox Center can assist you through…

man wondering why do i black out when i drink

Why Do I Black Out When I Drink?

Getting help for addiction to alcohol or drugs can be a daunting task. For many, the process includes taking a look at your own behaviors and asking, “Am I actually an addict or alcoholic?” It turns out blacking out has much more to do with drinking a large amount of alcohol on an empty stomach. Many alcoholics…