doctor talking about what science and addiction

What Science Tells Us About Addiction

Addiction is a disease. Despite what some people believe, it’s nearly impossible to quit “cold turkey” independently. When you look at the facts, there is a direct link between science and addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction is characterized by a compulsive drive to seek and use substances. It also causes molecular and neurochemical changes in…

professional talking about painkiller addiction treatment

Types of Treatment for Painkiller Addiction

When painkillers are used appropriately, they can bring many benefits to managing and reducing pain. However, these medications also bring an increased risk of addiction and abuse. This is why painkiller addiction treatment programs are essential for those struggling with opioid addiction. What Prescription Painkillers Are Addictive? Not all pain medications carry a high risk…

Child turning around because she doesn't understand addiction toll on families

Understanding Addiction’s Toll on Families

When someone is suffering from addiction, it’s common to think about how their condition affects their wellbeing. However, the addiction’s toll on families must also be discussed. During an alcohol addiction treatment program, the whole family must be involved. This is referred to as family therapy, and it is one of the most effective intervention…