Find Hope for Addiction

The Social Justice Scholarship will help remove barriers to African Americans’ access to treatment.

Amatus Recovery Centers is offering $750,000 worth of scholarships to African American people struggling with addiction. These scholarships will help fund all levels of care, from detox through outpatient treatment.

African American people may face barriers when it comes to getting quality addiction treatment. One study found that white clients with opioid use disorder are nearly 35 times more likely to receive buprenorphine, a medication that curbs cravings and can prevent overdose. Furthermore, while African Americans and white people use drugs at similar rates, African Americans are incarcerated for drug offenses at six times the rate of their Caucasian counterparts.

Amatus wants to help change these statistics. “No one should be punished for having an addiction,” said Amatus Recovery Centers COO Michael Silberman. “Everyone with a substance use disorder deserves high-quality treatment and support. We feel lucky to be able to provide the Social Justice Scholarship to people who otherwise wouldn’t access treatment.”

Matt Bell, CEO of Midwest Recovery Center—an Amatus Recovery Center in Toledo, Ohio—shares this sentiment. Bell was one of the first clients of D.A.R.T., a program focusing on addiction treatment instead of jail time. He now works with that same program and is a passionate advocate for prevention and education in his community.

“It’s important to give people with substance use disorders a chance,” he said. “People are capable of so much when given the right tools and resources. We don’t want anyone to slip through the cracks.”

To apply for the Social Justice Scholarship, fill out the attached form.