Find Hope for Addiction

The abuse of prescription painkillers has skyrocketed over the past two decades. But the problem goes much farther back — more than a century for Americans and several centuries for people around the world. Even though painkillers have helped millions, they can still lead to addiction. At that point, it’s time to seek help from a painkiller addiction treatment program through a residential addiction treatment program.

Drug treatment programs sound like a scary proposition. And, indeed, they require a lot of work and commitment. But millions have benefitted from their services over the years and restored the path of their lives to sobriety. 

The goal of a painkiller addiction treatment program in GA — of any drug treatment program — is to help you understand the dynamics that got you to this point and to help you build coping skills, so it never happens again.

The Dangers of Painkillers

woman at a painkiller addiction treatment programPainkillers come in a variety of forms. Some are available over the counter, such as common aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen products. Others are available only via prescription. It’s there where a disconnect can first occur.

Many assume that because a drug is prescribed by a doctor, it must be safe. In fact, they are controlled and administered by doctors because they are dangerous. The role of the doctor is to prescribe the right drug at the right dose, and then monitor and provide care for you as your body reacts.

Many painkillers fall into the category of opioids, meaning they are derived from the poppy plant. This category includes drugs with some of the most addictive qualities today and is typically used only in serious medical situations — to control pain after surgery, for instance, or in cancer care. Examples include Oxycontin, Percocet, and morphine.

Even under a doctor’s care, a physical dependence can set in, and start to spiral. And it’s then when you may need to seek the care of a drug and alcohol detox center program.

Signs of Painkiller Addiction

Identifying painkiller addiction can be a tricky proposition, as the signs at first may be subtle. The problems also show up in different ways, depending on the types of drugs involved. For instance, prescription stimulants may create some of the following symptoms of addiction:

  • Problems with appetite
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Paranoia

If the drugs being abused are anti-anxiety medications, you may get some of the same symptoms. But you also might see unusual levels of drowsiness, slurred speech, memory problems, clumsiness, and dizziness.

Having one of the symptoms alone may not suggest a problem, but if they appear in multiples, then it’s time to call our painkiller addiction treatment program in GA or a drug detox center closer to your home.

Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, you might be wondering what a painkiller addiction treatment program involves. And while every individual situation is different, treatment does have a common set of elements you can come to expect. They include:

  • Medical/psychological evaluation
  • Treatment plan
  • Detox
  • Therapy (individual and group)
  • Aftercare (to lower the risk of relapse)

Thousands if not millions of people have been helped by painkiller addiction treatment programs. It’s important to get the help you need and deserve because the long-term impacts of painkiller addiction can be devastating.

Recover at Atlanta Detox Center

Painkiller addiction is the last thing anyone wants. But they do happen, and when they do, you’re at risk of problems with family and friends and at work and school. Breaking the dependence of painkillers often requires the assistance of treatment and recovery professionals such as those at Atlanta Detox Center. Call us today at 833.631.0534 for a consultation. We provide programs covering all your needs, including a drug addiction treatment program and alcohol detox center. We also provide gender-specific recovery services through our men’s detox center and women’s detox center. A future of sobriety awaits at a painkiller addiction treatment program.